Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Leap year 2012

My First Leap Day With Bryan.
We had dinner at our favourite , Uncle Leong Seafood again . It is only less than 5 minutes drive from our place , so convenient !! I love the milky broth !!! I felt like the crabs were not the main reason for dining there , the bee-hoon soup is . 

Just when I was hoping for a better month for February , its March already . Love how special this year is , 2012 . Its leap year and I was thinking , is it dreadful that we're working an extra day for this year or do we count ourselves lucky for only having to work an extra day every 4 years ??

In a nutshell , February's been rather awesome although Bryan & I fell sick , really sick . 
But then again , I'm really excited for what awaits us in the many months to come .