Saturday, 28 December 2013

✈✈✈ Kuantan 2013

Went on a short 3D2N getaway to Kuantan in December . Technically speaking , my last holiday of 2013 if this is considered a "holiday" . Couldn't get off work so I had to take the flight alone , a day later than the rest . Which I thought was gonna be cool , being alone and shopping alone at the DFS . The flight with Firefly was oooookay but I've to walk alot further to the departure gates whenever taking budget flights which I hate . Then , take a bus to the plane and climb up the plane damn . Not that I'm complaining because they kinda made it up with my favorite salted peanuts and apple juice while I watched my drama .  And it was only an hour flight , faster than taking the MRT wtf .

Immediately after touching down I was brought through a very tight schedule . Got dragged to redye my hair roots for free and a damn rejuvenating facial for only SGD$30 . Best facial ever , the whole time I felt so comfortable and I saw radiant results almost immediately ! What have I been paying for in Singapore - SGD$100/facial with pushy and rude consultants that forces you to sign packages , oh and no visible results even after repeated visits . #lifeofasingaporean #alwayskanarippedoff

Besides the safety issue , I ♥ Malaysia !

Anyway , there is seriously nothing else interesting I did at Kuantan that this is actually the most interesting highlight of my trip. And for the rest of my trip : Breakfast - Wedding gate crash - Lunch - Play with dogs - Sleep - Play with dogs , again - Tea break - Wedding dinner - Sleep - Breakfast - Play with dogs , again and again - End of holiday .