Wednesday, 25 March 2015

♥ Wedding Updates | Bridal studio hunt

This is seriously overdue.

What I'd been up to late last year - Bridal Studio Hunting

Wedding planning is a very stressful affair. Everything was initially a breeze until I got stuck at the many choices for a local bridal studio. We kinda made a mistake to go with a Taiwan bridal studio for our pre-wedding shoot and so after the shoot, we had to look at actual day packages in Singapore. Honestly, no regrets thou the hassle because our Taiwan bridal studio left us with such a memorable experience. No hiccups nothing, just so much joy and contagious happiness from their team.

In other news, I've did enough bridal shopping to know what I DID NOT WANT but at the same time, there was also nothing that I wanted. I'd strolled down Tanjong pagar and had been to at least 10 bridal studios but nothing attracted me. It was also a tough call between Ala carte or a package because I wanted both. The convenience of a package and the flexibility of the many Ala carte options. After being absolutely stressed for weeks, I finally came to a decision - to just sign a package and to get over and done with it. The main reason was because I foreseen more stress if I were to go with engaging individual vendors. Bottom line is I just want to be a stress free bride.

Two bridal studios that deserve a mention although I ended up not engaging their service.

BQueens Wedding | Blk 442 Ang Mo Kio (Home based)
As much as many friends tell me to avoid home based bridal studios, I chose to go with the underrated. The humble boss, Valent is an amazing lady with so much sincerity. I love how she takes pride in every piece of gown she designed from scratch and is utmost honest on her work. She charges an unbelievably affordable price for gown rentals/MTM gowns, so look no further if you have a tight budget. She doesn't have a wide range to choose from but if you're not too fussy, she would definitely have "the gown" for you. Thankful to have met her, I'd definitely be looking for her again when I am planning for a next photoshoot in time to come.

La Belle Couture | 87 Tanjong Pagar Rd
My impression of La Belle had always been overrated due to the strong publicity all around so I refuse to step in till there was nothing else left to see. Unlike most of the bridal studios at Tanjong Pagar, La Belle Couture do not hard sell at all. The environment was less tense and non pushy which made us felt really at ease so we could make a decision without pressure. It didn't take me too long to decide that I'd engage them because I really like the people there so I made the second appointment to go back for them. BUT the main grip was that I didn't like most of the gown styles at La Belle, I was just very comfortable with their environment (and people). So on my second appointment, I told my coordinator and she said, no obligations to sign the package and to not force it if I didn't like the gowns. Thankful for her honesty in letting me know that the gowns are priority before signing the deal. Look for Vyen if you are looking to sign with La Belle Couture.

Eventually, I walked into Sophia Wedding Collection and signed the deal in less than 30 minutes. So I'd been actually waiting for just one bridal shop that would make me go "Shut up and take my money!". Thankfully I found it and that would be a different story to tell another time.

P.S || Thankful to those who went through this insane phase with me, comforting the deranged bride to be and assuring that I'd eventually find something I like. Thank you B for going through this hunt with me and making sure you are there every time to give me your somehow unreliable opinions. ♥

love, bella