Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Batam 2d1n Getaway // dayONE

It was a spontaneous trip to Batam during the weekend . It was thoughts of having a getaway on Thursday , confirmation & booking done on Friday & before we knew it , we were in the ferry on Saturday for the short but exhilarating getaway ever .

I chose the earliest ferry timing so as to spend a longer time there . We reached Batam at 8am and the our resort was only 5 minutes drive away from the ferry terminal . We were obviously not allowed to get such an early check in so we explored the resort + look for food .

Spent our time sitting under the Gazebo watching people do water sports and lazing away . & Suddenly I was all hyped up to do water sports too . I wanted to Jet Ski ! Which was really absurd with that sentence coming out from my mouth because I never had an experience with a Jet Ski and I cant swim . Swimming pools with a depth more than 1.7M scares me let alone the big vast sea . But temptation got the better of me so I was determined to go. 

It was one of the best 30 minutes I had in my life . The great windy weather was a bonus . It was such a blessing not to have the sun scorching and humid weather that day . For someone like me who's so afraid of drowning , yet speeding on water right in the middle of the sea . It felt too surreal .

Spacious Room with fluffy pillows ;  

Aroma Therapy Massage ;

A & W ; 

Seafood feast by the sea ;

Love how our unplanned trip turned out so smoothly , even without an itinerary .
Thats all for DayOne xx