Friday, 9 March 2012

Batam 2d1n Getaway // dayTWO

Breakfast with a view ; 
I woke up as early as 5am Batam time after falling asleep early the previous night  . I pestered Bryan to wake up and take me out for Breakfast once the restaurant open . The American Breakfast did not fail despite being quite skeptical initially. Its been so long since I had a sumptuous spread of breakfast . The omelette queue was so long that I gave up waiting . But the sweetheart patiently queued to get me a huge portion of cheese omelette .  I think I ate 3 days worth of Breakfast at one go .

The really addicted girlfriend me decided to Jet Ski the rest of the morning away , ALONE . Which was pretty much different because without Bryan's weight behind , I felt really insecure . Aftermath was watching Bryan swim while having lunch at the pool bar .

love, Sheryl