Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Family Genting Trip //

The trip to Genting via coach was horrible . It was so time consuming and everyone was already worn out by the long journey . To make things worse , 3/4 of the time Bryan was snoozing away and the other 1/4 was to snatch the Ipad and ignore me . Then again , the weather made up for the long haul . Dinner at the Mushroom park was delish and cheappp . The main highlight would be the cable car trip's breathtaking view . Dearest cousin Sean told me , " This view is so worth my fear . " "Not worth the money meh ? " " No ! Worth my fear for heights . " I have a bunch of hilarious little cousins . The casino got me hooked and I spent a sleepless night there , in fact all the big kids were hooked . I guess that sums up the short getaway with the family .