Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Getting fat in Hongkong ( III )

Third day in Hongkong was my favorite day , which was also the most tiring day throughout the trip . We woke up to an agenda of having 2 breakfasts for the day . Australian dairy co. used to open everyday but now it is closed on every Thursdays . This is the breakfast I've been craving for , since I had it the first time . Scrambled eggs and fluffy toast , we finally meet again . It was still as good , so good that I made Ellen promise me that we would have it again the next day before leaving the country . We really did ! Is the toasts and eggs that good or am I just easily satisfied ? I wonder . Anyway prior to the visit , I was raving to Ellen on the efficiency of this shop , from the queues to serving food and what not , out of a joke I told her it was a one second rule . She just didn't believe me as much and I don't blame her for that . Thankfully , they lived up to their name . When we were ordering our breakfast , before Ellen could finish ordering , our ham macaroni was served . Left her in awe , completely . 

Took a cab to the very , very , very famous Tim Ho Wan for the second breakfast at 9.30am . Just imagine what time we woke up for the first breakfast . Tim Ho Wan opens only at 10am , but if you come on the dot ... it is 100% guaranteed of having to wait for another few hours . The usual advice is , Go there as early as 30-45 minutes before 10am and wait for it to open or you'll have to wait more than the 45 minutes . True story . I had it again , the legendary BBQ Pork bun . This for sure , I have never ever heard of anyone telling me they hate it . Ellen was like , " I don't eat Char siew . " I jumped at her saying , " THIS IS THE MOST FAMOUS DISH OMG. IF YOU DON'T WANT , I WILL HAVE ALL THREE OF THEM . " After taking her first bite , " OMG , This is really goood !!! " I'll pretend I forgot she said she didn't like Char siew .

P.S// I just realized I didn't talk about this famous Tim ho wan in my previous Hongkong trip , wtf was I even thinking . But another post regarding this famous dimsum is ( here ) . Paid a hefty price tag for that brunch , just for the pork bun . Very worth it , no doubt .

We also made new friends with two friendly Taiwanese girls sitting right beside us during the Dim sum session . We took on an impromptu decision to spend the entire day shopping with them . Ask me questions about food and most probably I can answer them but as for shopping , big no no . I'm so bad at shopping sometimes I wonder if I'm a girl . We even went to the Citygate outlet shopping mall where everyone lugged home bags of loots while I left empty handed with nothing but a pair of tired legs .Tell me about it , shopping is never my thing . My girlfriends should be considered unlucky to have a friend like me , the frequency will never be the same when she screams , " Look at that pair of shoes !!! " I'll most probably be like ... " Are you hungry ? Should we go and grab food ?  "

Most comforting time of the day was dinner . We dragged our tired souls back to the downtown , found a recommended shop in the vicinity for some decent rice meal . I was determined to have a taste of their suckling pork before leaving the country . Or whatever else .. they have a variety of meat . Bryan and I actually missed this local delight during our trip , it was such a waste sigh . The portions were huge and I actually finished them ! That good .. I felt so cheated eating Singapore's version .

Record - breaking time of reaching the hotel at about 8 pm after dinner . We had to start packing up and most importantly , we had enough of walking . We were given complimentary drinks from the hotel at their rooftop bar so we went to check it out . With the pictures , need I say more ? Stunning night view , with the peaceful and quiet setting - absolutely perfect for a drink or two . 

And lastly , a major thank you to my first Hongkong friend via Instagram . He commented on my picture for the first time when he saw that I was in his country last year , April . I gave him my Hongkong number and he was constantly being so nice , guiding me throughout that trip via whatsapp when I got lost countless of times . He said to bring me around if I should be in Hongkong sometime again , and so we met up for a short supper during this trip . At first , I was obviously being skeptical about meeting this stranger . Being in a foreign land and meeting a guy that might be a complete psychopath was risky but thankfully he was not . He was so kind and friendly , I can't believe my luck at times . Thank you for being my personal GPS in Hongkong !