Monday, 28 January 2013

Getting fat in Hongkong ( II )

Day two in Hongkong - random breakfast on the streets because my favorite breakfast place was closed . Decided to head to Hongkong Island since I've never really explored that area before .

The irony of travelling to Hongkong is that everyone gets hyped up for the authentic Hongkong breakfast to kick start the awesome day ahead but after breakfast , you gotta wait for shopping malls to open at 11.30am-12noon . Which means if you are eager to wake up early since tourists usually do not sleep their time away , you'll end up roaming around empty streets . We found ourselves in the midst of their wet market  and we watched the locals shop for their groceries . Lesson learnt : Sleep in late if in Hongkong .

Roamed around aimlessly until I found the infamous escalators in Hongkong ( read - here ) ! Also , the location that Running Man used in the Hongkong 24 hours episode . Probably that is the only best find in the Hongkong Island . 

Got so lost climbing up slopes after slopes so we took the chance and hopped on a mini bus like the locals did .  We didn't have any idea where we were going so we look on the leisure ride and enjoyed the view of where our legs can never bring us to .  Getting lost in Hongkong , can be fun . Thankfully we reached Causeway bay and not anywhere else . Chanced upon Agnes b cafe so , yup tea break time . 

If you see this cold noodles station , just try it . I don't know if everyone would like it , but as far as I know of everyone I introduced this to loved it . I LOVE THIS TO DEATH !

First time up sky high for the stunning view of Hongkong skyline . We went on a weekday in hope for a lesser crowd but when we arrived , we had to join a snaking queue to buy the tickets and queue again for the tram up to the peak . The tram took a steep way up , quite intimidating I would say and when we reached the shopping mall , we still had to make our way to the highest floor of the mall with only the escalators so you could tell my frustrations when I reached each level and asked , " Haven't reach ah ?! " But honestly , the view was worth it - the hassle , the queue and the time . No pictures could do justice to the view , you just gotta see it for yourself . The peak was swarmed with tourists and even locals , so you gotta squeeze yourself around for a good shot and risk getting photo-bombed .

Oh , did I even mention how obsessed I was with our hotel room's toilet ? There is an atomized glass switch that you tap on and the glass will turn opaque for privacy . If you want your room mate to watch you shower , you can tap it again for a clear glass view .  I found another reason to use this awesome technology other than seeing your other half showering and getting kinky , if you want to save time on showering and watching your favorite TV show at the same time , you'll thank the person who invented this .