Friday, 25 January 2013

My high-society kitts

Updates since the debut entry on my kittens ;

Returned back from Hongkong on Saturday night when the boyfriend broke the news to me that little cream left us . I didn't know how to react - torn between the excitement of seeing the boyfriend after 4 days and the plunging mood of accepting the fact that I'd never hold my favorite little kitten in my hands again . It was really hard to deal with acceptance and the bad news immediately when I touched down .

According to Bryan , little cream was doing very well . It was only on Friday night that he found little fat oreo sleeping on top of cream and suffocated little cream to death .

RIP little cream 
Thank you for being the only pink nose kitten , for being my favorite among the three , for being the first to open your eyes and progressing so well . Please bless your sibling's healthy growth . I miss you x

And to some other happy news , the other two are growing up very healthily and fast . Just look at the picture - Immediately after one of their milk feed , little cookie got too comfortable on Bryan's arm and fell asleep in the cutest position ever . And look at their sizes , they look so much like a fat hamster . 

Too much kitty news at one go , I'll stop here .