Thursday, 31 January 2013

Weekends | Kittens care

Ever since the addition of the minis to our relationship , we've been spending all our free time with them . Whats new ? The life of the surrogate parents . Thankfully we had sweetheart friends to help out with the tedious feeding hours and the mischievous crawling out of their beds , these lucky ones got themselves a pair of god parents too ! Dear baby kittens , it is not so bad losing your cat mother after all . You've got four loving parents chasing behind the clock and meeting to your feeding time . Pacifying you like a real baby , talking to you although you don't understand us ... you have to know you are not that unlucky after all . Oh yea , and the self proclaimed grandmother . Bryan's mother was so kind to allow us take these kittens in and she even jokingly called them her grandchildren . The non-animal lovers might just think we are crazy , but no we are just not on the same frequency .

So yeah , January's weekends been quite a busy month . The packed schedules + dates with Bryan + kitty time was enough to kill a lot of precious sleep time . These high society kitties been really lucky , they've landed their kitty paws on Sentosa as well . Now you know we're not too bad parents after all , right ? We still have a life , so we still do our usual thing during the weekends but the difference is that the kitties were with us , around the clock . Car rides , stays , drinking milk everywhere became their routine . Sounds so much like a real human baby now . As all what parents would say , " All I wish is for the kitts to grow up healthily . "