Monday, 4 February 2013

서울 Seoul x Day four

Winter Wonderland trip 2012 // 

Theme park - Everland • Budae Jjigae 부대찌개

Finally back to updating my Korea trip after completing HK'2013 . 

One of the best dating spots for a couple is to the theme park , I say . Well at least for me , I totally dig the idea of spending the entire day out at the amusement park with us not having to crack our brains on planning for the day . Also because going to the movies and dinner dates were too mainstream , theme park usually does the trick . 

Everland is Korea's "Disneyland" and there was no way I would miss the chance to visit the theme park ! Situated out of Seoul , I was surprised that Yongjin was quite easy to locate . And because I was quite frustrated with many confusing directions I researched online , this is the fail proof directions : 

Take subway to Gangnam Station ( Exit 10 )  → Walk straight until you see Krispy Kreme  → Bus stop is just right in front of Krispy Kreme , Take bus 5002 until bus terminal . ( 40 minutes )  → Walk towards the shuttle bus to Everland , and you would reach in approx 5 minutes . 

Sometimes I just don't understand instructions like " walk 200m straight " . How I know how far is 200m ?! 

The bucket list would be to visit this beautiful theme park in all four seasons , so winter checked ☑ !!
Covered in blankets of snow , it was too dreamy and romantic .

Pororo - Korean children's favorite icon !

Taking the "human sky" would bring us to the theme park's mini zoo , Zootopia . Don't expect to see many species because its a theme park after all , but it was awesome enough for me . I saw golden monkeys for the first time , and came in contact with a very friendly meh meh with a heart shaved butt and of course the awesome animal show we caught . You just gotta see it for yourselves .

Best highlight of the mini zoo is the tram ride that we almost missed out . Coming up close with the terrorizing animals was so unbelievable with only one glass window apart . The pictures taken were not zoomed in so you can totally imagine how near we were to the animals . Finally got the chance to see a liger but it turn its back against us so I couldn't see how it actually looked . But the tram ride's most rewarding experience was to see the liger's daddy & mommy - the lion king and tigress making love in the woods . Oh ! And the baby black bear dancing to the song Gangnam style . Could have seen more animals in this tram ride but it was winter so the herbivores ( giraffe,elephants etc ) went into hiding for warmth . 

Tried to squeeze in every schedule of the theme park trip so we rushed off to watch the " White Christmas Parade " . Honestly , it was beautiful but nothing really fascinating . Just like any other parades , it is really colorful and vibrant but would most probably just entice the kids instead . But me being very touristy , had to go watch it no matter what . 

And what's a theme park without rides ? No , we did not take a single ride at all . Most rides are closed during winter so it was more like a sightseeing day for us which was not too bad after all because you can never finish exploring the theme park in just one day . There were still afew exhilarating rides that were open but with the chilly winter breeze , we gave it a miss . The second steepest wooden roller coaster in the world , T-express ( Used to be the steepest , but they got beaten down by US's wooden rollercoaster which is still in construction . ) , I WILL BE BACK FOR YOU . 

We expect every price tag in a theme park to be hiked up and expensive , but not in Everland . 
Got a satisfying bugogi beef lunch set at only SGD$8 ? 

Goodbye Everland , till we meet again . 
I'll definitely be back in other seasons and take every ride possible ! 

Back to Seoul and since Bryan had been asking for the famous army stew , we had it at Nolboo for dinner . It was only towards the end of the dinner that I realized , I actually tried the Nolboo franchise in Orchard Central and I hated it . Army stew that was priced at SGD$30++ was so overpriced and tasted horrible . In Seoul , you get the exact portion at the exact shop priced at only SGD$14 . Tell me about the frustration you get dining in Singapore . Not to even mention , the Budae Jjigae meal was so flavorful and satisfying on a freezing cold night . I should totally do a 1001 things I love about Korea .