Tuesday, 5 February 2013

서울 Seoul x Day five

Winter Wonderland trip 2012 // 

 Namsangol Hanok Village • Hello Kitty Cafe • Jimjilbang 

Being on a  holiday in Korea does not mean you only can have Korean food throughout the entire trip . & Being such a huge fan of brunch food and quaint cafes , we managed to visit one of the best brunch cafe's in Seoul which was most convenient . The flying pan blue located in Itaewon was a real gem tucked in a quiet corner of the street . The price ranges similar to the usual brunch places in Singapore , which was so affordable thou the Korean's think it is overpriced . It was really worth it , with the portions given !

I didn't remember where we were supposed to head to , but we happen to pass by Namsangol Hanok Village so we went in to take a look . It was a Tuesday , so they were closed on Tuesdays but we were still allowed in to stroll around . Beautiful place for photo-taking with the layers of snow on the ground . Though it would be perfect if it was snowing as well .

Gorgeous Hello Kitty Cafe in Hongdae ! I thought my first experience in a Hello Kitty cafe would be my first Taiwan trip in future so I was more than thrilled to be visiting the one in Seoul instead ! Nope , not a fan of Hello kitty and her friends but which girl doesn't like being immersed in sweet pink cafe , with cute food displayed ? My boyfriend is a winner . Despite the cold weather outdoors , he actually ordered Iced chocolate .

Cafe hopped to a cat cafe ! Winter seasons are meant for cafe hopping , and we totally loved that idea . Didn't really like my experience though because they are not your cats , so they are pretty hostile towards everybody . 

December 11th 2012 - Bryan managed to make reservations at a french restaurant for our Monthsary dinner . French food lovers , must go . The food was amazing ! The floating Island dessert lookef really interesting , you just got to see it for yourselves . The french onion soup was so addictive , in short the food is really fantastic .

Here's the address : 49, Itaewon-ro 27ga-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

So thrilled when I went to the Jimjilbang in Korea! It actually means public bath house and my favorite place to be in Korea . I enjoyed myself so much hanging out alone in the hot tubs completely naked and trying not to be as awkward as possible . Bryan had his fair share of awkward moments at his level so he decided to go to the arcade instead . They have so much activities that includes an arcade , restaurants , cafe and even manicure services right in the 8 storey bath house ! What I love besides the awesome me-time in the ladies level , is the Jimjilbang food ! When in public bath houses , you have to try the sauna baked eggs & the sweet rice drink sikhye . It is definitely comfort food at its best ! 

love , Sheryl