Thursday, 7 February 2013

Amara Sanctuary Staycation

B and I squeezed out a short dinner date last midweek . Too lazy to think of whats for dinner recently , and so we just settled for anything we happen to pass by . Was about to order the same ol' thing , Crabmeat Linguine again until Bryan reminded me that I was being very boring . So I decided to try something new from Marmalade pantry . Picked the Seared Scallop Linguini with Tiger Prawn bisque , and it was a really good choice ! 


Also on the same week , we had a longer staycation of 3d2n at Amara Sanctuary Resort , 2 bedroom villa ! Supposedly a relaxing getaway from work and the fast pace of everyday life , but it turned out as taxing as the usual weekdays . We checked in really late on the first day , after work ended . Had some issues with the Amara Sanctuary's reception , and the first impression of them was pretty screwed up . We went over to RWS's Big easy for dinner to satisfy my craving for meat but Big Easy kinda failed miserably . The food did not turn out as tasty as what it was described in the menu .

To be honest , I do not recommend anyone to book Amara Sanctuary Resort , be it for a staycation or birthday event . Because for the price you would be paying , you can get better hotel stays elsewhere . Especially if you are an " O " blood type like me , avoid at all cost ! The whole platoon of commando mosquitoes attack any chance they get . Then again , my favorite place to be in the villa is definitely lying under the gazebo . Nothing beats lying under moonlight , doing mask with your girlfriend while waiting for the boyfriends to be back with snacks ! Munching on snacks + cup noodles supper at 3am in the morning made us happy four friends ! #pureindulgence

The friends woke us awake at 8am in the morning when we barely caught a wink with only less than 4 hours of sleep . They made us sacrifice precious sleep for the hotel's breakfast which initially I thought was stupid but NO , it was the best wake up deal ever . The extensive international breakfast buffet spread was not like any other hotel's . The spread was really wide and the food was really good . I was so amazed and we all actually agreed that it was a really good breakfast ! I mean , a breakfast is just a breakfast . Eggs are either scrambled , poached or fried . They still serve you the same sausages , bacon , ham and what not . But Amara's breakfast was so fantastic with many other food choices , I actually hoped they serve breakfast all day ! 

& for the rest of the day , we found entertainment soaking ourselves in different pools and jacuzzis . Actually , it doesn't really matter what we do , as long as we have the right company with us . ( They have 3 pools in Amara btw ! )

On the second night , we celebrated B's mommy's birthday at the villa over a spread of yummy food and a Tiramisu cake from The Patissier ! I was glad that I picked the right choice for her birthday cake , The Patissier will never fail our taste buds . 

love, Sheryl