Friday, 8 February 2013

Strictly Pancakes date

I've been hearing so much raves on Strictly Pancakes since their opening years back and the hype of this cafe was constantly there , you see their pancakes everywhere on your facebook , twitter and Instagram for a long period of time . Here comes the problem - when a place gets too popular , you usually need to make reservations but since my usual dinner dates were so impromptu , I didn't get a chance to visit at all . 

Finally , we tried their pancakes last Friday and I loved it ! Except that the pancakes were too thick , I absolutely love the Garlic butter sauce ! Bryan's Potatoes leeking cheese pancakes were even thicker , but with my favorite Sauteed Mushrooms and sour cream it was amazing ! The only reason why we continued stuffing ourselves full with the massive flour intake was just because the side dishes and sauce complimented too well ! Remember that it is made for sharing , we couldn't even finish the portions on both plates . 

On the same night , we caught Ah boys to men II ! Really , really hilarious movie which was also very heartwarming because it reminded me of the times when Bryan and I pulled through the arduous 2 months in BMT . From the first day I sent him into Tekong , till this very day ... it was not an easy feat . Frustrating moments of the " Over promise and under deliver " from the army , when your boyfriend's book-out timing changes from 1pm to 10pm kinda thing , sometimes no book-out at all . And when the army decides on your holiday dates and block leave , you got to pay an expensive air ticket just to travel . This is the only two main issues I have with the army which was annoying enough . Anyway , 25 days to ORD loh !