Friday, 15 February 2013

MBS staycation , again // 2nd Feb 2013

In a blink of an eye , we are already into the month of February ! Spent my first weekend of Feb staying in MBS again . Prior to checking in , We took the precious grandmother & sister to Au Chocolate for lunch ! We over ordered too much food and the happy tummies eventually became the bloated tummies . The food's pretty good especially Bryan's burger and Granny's Duck confit ! 

We stayed in the Club room this time , which I very much prefer comparing to the Grand club room's layout previously . I feel that the Club room is actually much more spacious than the Grand Club , the irony .

Of the many times I been to level 57 , it has always been a gloomy view , otherwise raining . This time with the grandmother , we managed to enjoy the million dollar view at its best . It was as if the sun was cooking us alive , but I have to agree that a sunny day is definitely better than a wet gloomy day .

We had dinner at Bazin . Bryan's tummy was in safe hands with their signature dish , Portuguese styled grilled chicken while I went ahead with ordering carbs for my meal . The Mushroom risotto was not worth sinning for , it was such a waste to my carbs intake that I barely finished 1/3 of the portion .

Alone time after everyone else left . What else but bubble bath ? 

Bryan's parents came over to have breakfast with us early in the morning . 
But it was a very sad morning with rain showers and a dark grey sky . 

I know I've not been too diligent with updating the space here on time , but anyways HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR TO EVERYBODY ! I indulged in too much fun during the long weekend , and it got quite hard getting used to waking up early in the morning and beating the sleepy hours at work again . Y'know what I'm anticipating , weekend here I come . # TGIF everybody !