Wednesday, 13 March 2013

MBS staycation // 2nd-3rd March

- Dinner at DB Bistro Moderne . Apparently , their burger was said to be one of the best in town ( read - here )  , so I thought I should take my ultimate burger fan there for a meal ! The dishes that stood out were probably just the burger and my main course , the grilled king prawns . The rest we ordered were just mediocre , but definitely still worth a visit if you're looking for the legendary burger . 

- The first time I went up to the sky pool - while everybody got blown away by Singapore's most iconic attraction in MBS ,  I was not at all impressed with the overflowing of tourists and crowd ( read - here ) . I know I know , maybe I just take a longer time to figure out and get adapted to something new . But finally after the third visit , I totally understand now why is everybody so obsessed with this place . We went up after dinner and it was surprisingly a quiet weekend for MBS . Never would I expect hot tubs in MBS because I always get cheated by other hotel's cold Jaccuzi tubs . And if nobody knows yet , I'm such a fan of HOT TUBS ! Imagine soaking in a hot tub on a chilly cold night , with the luxury of a panoramic night view right in front of you - I was so stoked that I refused to leave . Also before the pool closed , I finally made it to the edge of the infinity pool !!! Yah , damn loser to walk around in the pool cos I can't swim .  
- Sunday morning , was seen indulging in a sumptuous spread of breakfast at Sky on 57 . I've got a huge appetite in the mornings and it's so crazy I doubt anyone would believe the quantity I can eat at such early hours . But you know , life is really good like that .