Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Beach please - Bali 2013 ( II )

Woke up to a sunny morning with the enthusiastic brother knocking on our bedroom door at 7 in the morning . Basically , he was our personal alarm clock for the days in Bali . Our housekeeper came in at 6.30am to cook us a spread of breakfast to start our day . We were so pampered with the convenience and luxury ,  all we needed to do was to just step out of our room . There was no need to worry about the messy hair or changing out of sleepwear , it felt just like home . It is not that I'm easily impressed but you hardly ever get service like this in Singapore . 

-Potato head Beach Club !!! I've been hearing so much about this beach club and I finally got to see for myself what my friends described "paradise" as . A picturesque of sun , sand and sea right in front of us , while lying on the sun bed with the ice cold beer was just perfect . I wished we had more time to  lie there the entire day , and just enjoying the peace it brings . For a comparison , of course everything about Potato head triumphed over KDT , except that I still preferred the food/drinks over at KDT  .  

- I've been so hyped up to do water sports although sadly I can't swim . I finally tried Parasailing for the first time !!! The take off and landing would usually be on the beach but we did it in the middle of the vast sea , low tide though . So the experience was pretty different from the everybody else who tried it before . I LOVE IT !!! Though it was such a short ride in the sky , it was so breathtaking ! My next aim would be to parasail in Maldives or any other beautiful islands but for now ,  Bucket list - Parasailing ☑

Warung Made // Body works // Mexican Taco bar
# Said to have the best Indonesian cuisine , according to the tourists . Tourist priced food but very famous so we decided to give it a try . My friends also raved about their Nasi Campur so the four of us skipped the hassle having to choose dishes and we all went for 4 big plates of Nasi Campur . I thought it was really good ! Food was served hot and the taste was way better than the food we had on the first day . The boys preferred the first day's dishes thou , so its up to individual actually .
# We took a 90 minutes rejuvenating massage at Bodyworks after a whole day of water sports . After we girls were done with our therapy , we barged into the boys's room to find them soaking in the flower bath . Only the boys are capable of coming up with such luxury .
# Prawn Tacos / Margaritas for supper . Bryan  got so hooked onto the tacos , we had it for supper again the next day . Speaking about convenience , the bar is 2 minutes away from our villa !