Monday, 11 March 2013

" Ord loh ! "

05 March 2013 -

I've been waiting to write about this for the longest time . We've officially made it through the arduous 1 yr 10 months ! It sure wasn't easy when we barely dated for 2 months and on our 3rd month together , he was already in the army serving his BMT confinement  . So most of this relationship I lived on the platform as an army boy's girlfriend and I've grown so used to it over time . I remembered those earlier days in BMT , when we would write in our diaries and exchange it during the weekends just because the phone calls were so rare , 10 minutes over the phone felt as if we hit jackpot . Standing at the Pasir Ris bus stop awkwardly every Friday , waiting for the tired boy to book out and sending him back to the Interchange on Sunday became a routine for 2 months . The times when you were just hoping for the boy not to screw up and risk getting confined , times when we did grocery shopping every Sunday just to stock up on the snacks to get by another week in camp , times when book out was so late that our dinner plans became supper . Being patient has its limits and I remember the frustrating moments when receiving news like having duties on important dates / burning of weekends / unable to book out . I don't even have a good temper to begin with but sometimes , you've got no say when your only option is to wait . BUT NOW THE ANNOYING WAIT IS FINALLY OVER ! Thank you govt for finally returning my boyfriend back to me , to a carefree relationship ahead ! 

Happy ORD , Baby ! xx