Monday, 4 March 2013

Beach please - Bali 2013 ( I )

So I went on my first beach vacation to Bali , and came back 50 shades darker . No pun intended , though I do hope it was a joke because I became so tanned , even our driver in Bali said I looked like Javanese . Tell me about it !
 Anyway , it was an A-w-e-s-o-m-e trip and a memorable first beach holiday for me !

After the 2 1/2 hours flight and airport transfer to Seminyak , we finally arrived at our Villa , Bvilla + Seaside ! I was squealing in delight to see our spanking clean villa in a welcoming condition despite the poor reviews from Tripadvisor . Sometimes , you just gotta have faith . Ling and I stepped into the bathroom and went , " AHHHHHH " and the butler came asking if we saw a monster . Really clean private pool + spacious villa + rose petal bath tub , what more can we ask for ?

- SO MUCH LOVE ! Girls just love pretty things , no ? P.S // I just checked B's email to see that he actually liaised with the staffs to do up the bathtub and bed . To think that we girls thought the sweet gesture came from the villa staff's initiative . Thank you Baby ! xx 

- First meal in Bali was some authentic Indonesian cuisine , Nasi Campur .  I've never tried Indonesian cuisine mainly because the bright colored food made me feel intimidated . Especially for someone like me who can't take spice and seeing most of the dishes in red paste or curry , it sure didn't seem like my kind of food . But going on a holiday means being game for everything so I daringly tried ... and it tasted pretty okay ! I just didn't like that the food was not served warm , because the dishes been sitting out for a long time .

- And since I was in charge of the itinerary , I get to decide on all the places for the entire trip ! We went to Ku De Ta which was about only 10 minutes stroll from our villa . I can't even say 5 minutes walk because the roads were so bumpy and uneven , it was pretty hard to walk fast enough . I heard from the friends that Ku De Ta is pretty rundown and sad looking compared to Potato head . It is no longer a " Must visit " if you go to Bali . But we went anyway , since we thought splurging on Ku De Ta in Bali would be a wise idea for an experience . And I didn't regret it ! I beg to differ from all the negative comments about Ku De Ta . Lucky us got the sofa seats with a great view and comfort for sunset watching . I don't know if I was too hungry , but I thought the food/cocktails we ordered were heavenly ! I'm pretty bad at describing food , but the pizza is a must try !!!

- We had our dinner fixed at a very famous Italian restaurant in Bali , Ultimo . It took us quite awhile to get our seats but it was really worth the wait . The food was so cheap and even with the never ending crowd coming for dinner , the food served was still of a good standard . For a rib eye steak at SGD$14 , you most probably won't expect much out of it but my happy people thought it was a fantastic slab of meat cooked to perfection ! I had my pasta fix and despite not being a huge fan of tomato based pastas , I had a satisfying portion with a whole crab at only $11  . I could seriously get used to a life like this .