Thursday, 28 February 2013

#Doubledate | Dozo & Uncle Leong Seafood

Brought the friends to Dozo for lunch on the third day of CNY . Such a backdated post , I know . We were lucky to get the private dining room to ourselves for a lunch that lasted for hours . It is my fourth time at Dozo and I am still not getting sick of it yet ! When it comes to food choices , I'm either faithful or boring .. or both . 

Not too many of food pictures this time because it'll mean blogging over the same thing twice . ( Read post - here ) What really got me craving this time for a spontaneous lunch date with the friends is actually the yellow fish on the Sashimi platter . I had no idea what it was initially , but it was so good that I had to come back for more . I asked for the anonymous fish's name ... and it is the legendary Herring fish ! Tried my luck for an exchange of the entire mixed sashimi platter all for herring fishes and the kind staffs agreed to my request !!! 


And the four gluttons ended the food adventure at Uncle Leong's Seafood for a huge pot of crab beehoon soup goodness for dinner . We thought we were pretty ripped off with the CNY prices on the menu but the bill turned out to be really reasonable .  And no doubt , the soup broth was still as fantastic . Gotta love public holidays for outings like this ! 

love, sheryl