Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The kitty updates

Kitten talk , once again . I should just make the Kitty talk a weekly affair .

 The two little terrors have been in our care for 1 month plus now and they're doing really well . They used to get very whiny with staying in their little sleeping box after feeding but now they know exactly when is play time and when is sleep time . I wish we could let them choose to manage their time themselves , play till they get very tired and take a slumber somewhere cozy but its completely impossible with a dog walking around in the house . I'm not sure when I'd let the cats and dog meet but maybe , just not so soon . Doggie's been a really kind dog . Despite feeling all left out when we give all the attention to the new additions in the family , he didn't fuss about anything . But then again , he is blind so by placing the little ones with him now might just end up a tragedy . Y'know blind dogs get anxious easily and bites on everything he can't see .

So... both the kittens have grown quite alot . They are learning to play now other than just sleeping and eating . We bring them downstairs for walks ( Ya , I know right ... walking a cat seriously ) , that's just because they get to avoid the dog for awhile . In fact , walking these babies ain't hard at all . When we get all tired from walking , they will just rest on our feet . Once we start walking again , they will chase behind us . Sigh , speaking about their growth ... I wish they would remain as kittens forever . When they grow up to be cats ,  they will never do the same anymore .