Friday, 12 April 2013

Hello April , Hello Singapore .

The month of April had been such a tough marathon for me and it seemed like I haven't rested well in awhile . I kick-started April with a prank by the boyfriend who claimed my little kitten got bitten by his temperamental doggie . Which well , really happened two days ago wtf .

So , I spent the 2nd-9th of April in China , Hunan on a sightseeing holiday . And I was completely looking forward ... to coming back home . It wasn't a horrible trip , after all you have to experience the nature in China at least once in your lifetime but somehow the misses outweighed the hits . Just to name a few , the deprivation of network / clean toilets / decent food / MEAT / night activities . I felt so sorry for myself that I had to be disconnected from the network for 8 days . Imagine my frustration when my hotel room's got a damn computer but almost EVERYTHING that I tried to surf was being blocked by China's network . I jolly well knew that Facebook was definitely blocked but I didn't even know blogger couldn't be accessed as well . I had so much time to myself during the nights there so I thought I could do some blogging there but ... I ended up spending my nights watching China TV shows . And don't even get me started on the toilet . They literally take my breathe away ,  even before reaching the toilet . I've heard so much about their hygiene there and the sad thing is ... It's unavoidable . I can go on forever about how China's living conditions leaves me speechless each time I discover something new . And I think I'm giving up on the travelogue to China even before I begin . It took me ages to complete a short Bali trip , let alone 8 Days in China . The amount of pictures I took this time ... is so overwhelming that having to vet and filter out the best , is beyond taxing . We'll see . 

Working harder on new agendas this month . So exhausting at the end of each day , but I'm really really happy to be able to drain out this way . For happier things & thoughts , lets go !