Monday, 13 May 2013

Travelogue → I ♥ 台灣 ( Day 01 // 台中 )

I went on a holiday to Taiwan with Bryan for 8 days and I wish I didn't have to return home so soon . It was my first time there and I completely FELL IN LOVE WITH TAIWAN . These 8 days could possibly be my best days of year 2013 , unless I visit Taiwan again ( Or Korea ) . It was just sad that I haven't had enough of the eating there and I had to come home already . 

On our first night , we stayed in Taichung - Galerie Hotel . Highly recommended if you're looking for a stay near Feng Chia Night Market (逢甲夜市) . We got the triple room for only SGD$100 and it didn't disappoint . Clean & spacious with a balcony -  good enough for a budget night stay . 

First meal in Taiwan was the legendary Tripod King (鼎王) hotpot . So thankful that my Taiwanese friend managed to make reservations for us at this highly raved restaurant . It is said to have one of the best hotpots in Taiwan & usually reservations have to be made months before.  Both their soup bases - 麻辣鍋 & 東北酸白菜鍋 were really addictive. Then again, pretty overrated I must say. If you'd ask me to make reservations for this steamboat 2 months ahead, I'd gladly skip instead.

The outlet we dined in: 台中精诚店 ( 5-10 minutes cab ride from Galerie Hotel )

Address : Jingcheng Road, West District, Taichung No. 12
Telephone : (04) 23296828
Opening hours : Mon - Sun: 11:00 am - 6:30 am

- Feng Chia night market (逢甲夜市) just 5 minutes walk from our hotel ! Bustling lively crowd on a Sunday night + yummy street food for the hungry tummy + crazily cheap shopping , this night market is just yet another heaven on earth . Imagine we actually shopped for a straight 5 hours and I didn't realize the time passed until my legs started to ache . Oh ! And what a perfect weather of 20°C to stroll in the night market without having to feel all sweaty at the end of the night .

Till then , till Day 2 in Taiwan !