Saturday, 4 May 2013

Travelogue →中国 (湖南)

 8D7N 中国•湖南 

- First night in Dolton Hotel (通程国际大酒店) . This is China's 5 star hotel for you , decently clean but really old .

- Second night in Cohere Hotel (常德共和酒店) . Honestly , the first 2-3 days of our trip was just plainly long hours of car ride to our ultimate destination . On the second day , we went to Mao Zedong's hometown & into his home for a view of his living condition way back in time . It was boring and annoying because we got swarmed by the overwhelming amount of china tourists .

- Third day was seen at ( supposedly ) beautiful 凤凰古城 which I was really looking forward to but just look at the crowd ! Beautiful rustic shop-houses and bars didn't go too well with the rowdy china tourists . Gave up taking nice pictures , it will never happen there . We spent the night at a new abode again on our third day , Feng Tian International Hotel 凤天国际大酒店. 凤凰 also had a livelier nightlife where I saw dog meat steamboat for the first time . Oh ! Also took a walk into their wet market to have a better understanding of their lifestyle there which I really regretted in the end . I was well aware that China people eat dog meat BUT it wasn't right seeing a dog head on the table with no body left . What's that suppose to mean ?

- Fourth day was quite the official start of our holiday with decent sight-seeing attractions . 芙蓉镇 was beautiful ! The countless of waterfalls we passed by , rustic buildings and hours of walk to complete one attraction . We also reached our destination 张家界 and it was finally the end of our agony to shift hotels everyday . China's culture hasn't been easy to adapt except that they are big on foot scrubs . Which I had so much love for - therapy for the tired feet after a long day and watching China match-making reality shows . 

More on the rest of the trip , soon .