Friday, 26 April 2013

Tim Ho Wan Singapore // 13th April 2013

Tim Ho Wan Singapore opened one day after I returned from China and it was such good news for me ! ( read here & here ) I'm a huge fan of Chef Mak's dim sum ! So on that same week , we did lunch with the friends there . Only 5 minutes of waiting time because I got the privilege to cut queue , don't ask why . Took horrible pictures of the food and started digging in immediately . Definitely signs of being too deprived in China . I had always been too obsessed with the baked char siew bun that I neglected the rest of the dishes . The carrot cake & the signature pig liver vermicelli roll were too good for words . I wouldn't mind eating it everyday , if not for the snake queues . Where else can you find a cheap & good Dim sum in the town area ? Tim Ho Wan , that is .

Life is definitely good , with good food .