Thursday, 16 May 2013

Travelogue → I ♥ 台灣 ( Day 03 // 北投 )

So basically , Day 3 onward → Taipei . We took a long journey by bus + high speed rail + MRT + walk just to reach our abode for the third night stay . It was such a hassle , yes . Plus we were dealing with serious fatigue due to the early call for sunrise tour , so it was quite a hectic afternoon . But that's all you gotta sacrifice for a F&E trip , because tour packages were never really our thing . 

- By the time we reached our abode in the late afternoon , we were already worn out by the distance with our very bothersome luggages . But the mood eventually got lifted when we saw the huge hot spring tub in our luxurious room ! And it was hot spring water running through our taps , the real deal right in the comfort of our room . Even their outdoor hot spring was too good to be true - such a relaxing place and we had the entire area to ourselves ! 

- Visited Danshui (淡水老街) in the evening , I call it the land of Iron eggs (鐵蛋) . The eggs were literally sold at almost every shop . Great for gifts if you have friends who love this version of stewed egg .

Also when in Danshui ,  they say you definitely have to try the most famous dish Ah Gei (阿给) . Which we did , and I didn't like it . Indeed , you've just got to try it there because I really didn't see this dish sold anywhere else in Taipei . [ 阿给老店 - Walk along the row of shops facing the sea, when you reach the end, you'll see this shop. ] 

- So much love for the choice to cross the road diagonally so we didn't have to wait for the traffic light twice!

- Food glorious food at the very famous Shilin night market . Every night we were welcomed by a buffet of street food choices in the night markets . Speaking about food , I finally tried the oyster omelette - Taiwan version . For a comparison , many Singaporeans would prefer our version than Taiwan's mainly because Taiwan's version is too starchy and not crispy at all . Which I also agree , because we like our oyster omelette crispy with lesser flour . BUT ! If you're a huge fan of oysters like me , you'll be very happy to see that for the price we paid ( 50NT / SGD$2 ) , they were beyond generous with the amount of huge fat oysters in one portion . The one thing I really love about the hawkers is that they are never stingy with the ingredients or portion , unlike my dear country .

love, sheryl