Monday, 20 May 2013

Look Sea Look Sea // 13th May 2013

Oh , We finally went to the S.E.A Aquarium ! 

Putting the Taiwan travelogue to halt first , I'll just talk about the date with Bryan after we came back to Singapore . Been procrastinating on the date to the S.E.A Aquarium for the longest time just because the slightest thought of the insane crowd scares me . Ever since the opening of this new attraction in Singapore , I heard so much from the snaking queues for ticket purchase to the tourists tour groups swarming the entire aquarium . Thankfully , the hype kinda subsided over time and we went on a weekday so it wasn't too bad . 

- Lucky shot with a smiling Stingray . By the way , ze marine creatures are AMAZING . We had such a great time staring into the colorful tanks , the fishes with vibrant neon colors were my favorite ! One thing that irks me is the thick glass tanks that gives you dizzy spells when you stare into it for too long . Is it me or is it the tank ? 

- Some corals are pretty unique , nothing I've seen before . Love how indispensable the corals are to the aquarium . The empty tanks with only fishes would be nothing but a bore . Then again , thou' they complimented the " sea look " so well , they are often not noticed . 

I was just contemplating if I should do "People that annoy me in the Aquarium" , and since I have the time now I should just mention one . 

Hearing the tourists ask the most idiotic questions . I mean yeah , it shouldn't even bother me since it has completely nothing to do with me but I heard it and you're hogging on to the spot to see the marine creature for too long . That really annoyed me . Asking questions like " IS THAT STARFISH REAL ? " I don't even know how someone would ask a question like that IN THE AQUARIUM ?! You mean like you're intending to come to the aquarium to see plastic fishes or what ? And okay , the bunch of ladies just stood there for the longest time deciding if the star fish is fake . And I couldn't even intrude in to get a good view of the starfish . Where did all the considerate beings go ? 

love, Sheryl