Monday, 27 May 2013

✈ ✈ ✈ Sushi Airways 寿司航空 // 16th May 2013

Recently been quite obsessed on having quiet dates with Bryan so I picked a random weekday to splurge on a nice dinner . 

I always love visiting themed restaurants/cafes whenever I travel to different countries . It is really interesting to dine in concept restaurants except that most of the time the food is horrible . Finally , Singapore has an aviation themed restaurant ! 

The restaurant's interior was done to look almost similar to how an aircraft would be , with mostly window seats for the diners . And we were also issued our boarding passes that secures our seats when we made reservations ! Sounds amazing already ?

P.S // Please make reservations because it is a pretty small aircraft that holds only approx. 30 passengers .

- It is quite a bore dining over sashimi with Bryan because he only takes Salmon and leaves the rest to me . I picked the assorted Premium sashimi mori and he was not at all impressed by my order . So I was the only one squealing in delight to see a huge bowl of thick sashimi cuts served . This is the one dish that BLEW MY MIND . Every bite was so succulent and fresh ! How can plane food taste so good ?! 

- The rest of the dishes were not bad but not impressive . We agreed that it'll only be a one-time affair with this restaurant . Besides the sashimi mori that was worth every penny , we thought everything else seemed really overpriced . But all in all , it was a fantastic dinner experience on a flight without the turbulence and the ear block . 

love, Sheryl