Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Travelogue → I ♥ 台灣 ( Day 05 // 六福村 )

Back on track with the travelogue on Taiwan ! 

During this trip , we also went to their theme park located at the Hsinchu area . It was the worst decision to plan this into the itinerary because it was nothing but boring . We took some thrilling rides repeatedly because it seemed like we were the only ones in the theme park . And to make things worse , I got cheated up a free fall ride and it was the worse 3 seconds of my life .

We headed to Shida night market (師大路夜市) in the evening but there's no pictures taken at all . I guess my mood's already bummed by the boring day out . In other news , Shida night market is brilliant , really ideal for late night walks with the cooling weather . But the different lanes can actually get quite confusing . So long you see a vibrant alley , it is also part of the night market . 

love, sheryl