Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Platypus Kitchen date // 18th May 2013

Been on a food-hunt again after I got back from my holidays and I found this awesome cafe that serves really yummy Italian dishes ! I've been craving to go there every now and then whenever I'm hungry . They serve very special renditions of homemade pastas and they are very generous with the ingredients ! We had such a great double date pigging out as usual .

They have set meals from $16.90 that comes with a soup & drink ! Depending on the main course you choose , usually the set meal doesn't exceed $20 . Love the idea of having set meals  thou' I'd always get very stuffed at the end of the meal . To worsen the diet plan , this cafe has so many tempting sides & appetizers to choose from so I picked one to order on top of my set meal . The epitome of being gluttony .

The truffle fries ONLY at $6.90 ! Look at the generous cheese & truffle shavings atop the thick cut fries ! 

#1 // Squid Ink Risotto 
#2 // Squid Ink Scallop Ragout
#3 // Wild Mushroom Risotto
#4 // Saffron and Caviar Risotto

love , Sheryl