Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Travelogue → I ♥ 台灣 ( Day 07 // 台北 )

I'm finally on to the last installment for Taiwan's travelogue ! Basically on our second last day , it was pretty hectic trying to cover places we had to visit before returning home the next day . So we woke up really early to some awesome Taiwanese breakfast at the famous Fu Hang Dou Jiang . We had their 豆漿油條 , really simple breakfast but so delicious and satisfying .

Fu Hang Dou Jiang  阜杭豆漿
Getting there: Shandao Temple MRT station (善導寺站), Exit 5.
Look for the sign “華山市場” (Hua Shan Market) at the entrance of the building.
Opening Hours: Tues-Sun 5:30am-12:30pm Closed on Monday

- Trip to HELLO KITTY CAFE . It wasn't worth the visit in my opinion because it looked pretty run down . Especially if you're not a fan of Hello kitty , it is okay to give it a miss . The Hello Kitty cafe in Seoul ( Read - here ) definitely beats Taiwan's hands down . Nonetheless , their desserts were delicious actually !

- Taipei Main Station underground mall for the best shoe shopping experience ! Most racks priced at NT$200/SGD$8 , I went shoe-crazy and bagged home at least 6-7 pairs of shoes . For someone who doesn't fancy shoes shopping , its really something .

- The very famous themed restaurant in Taipei , Modern Toilet . I didn't quite get it why the guys were all swooning over the trip to this restaurant . Just like maybe guys would never fathom why girls had to go see Hello kitty cafe . I was more interested in the food than the interior details done to fit the theme. The hotpot came as a huge surprise that was impossible to finish alone . Thank god we ordered to share and it was really tasty ! 

- Last rummage through Shilin night market before partying the night away at Club Myst . We completely drained out the very last bit of our energy before returning back to sunny Singapore . 

Taiwan's been so amazing with their street food & night markets . The locals were the friendliest to us tourists and with no language barrier , this country is easily my favorite country as of now . Korea has always been my favorite number one but it always puts me off at the thought of the language barrier I'd face . And for Taiwan with so much to offer , I'd definitely see myself returning every year . To the food , the scenery , the culture , the night markets and other parts of Taiwan I've not explored , till we meet again .

love , sheryl