Friday, 28 June 2013

Staycation - Equarius Hotel // 1st June 2013

▲ Finally some back-dated happy news. Kick-started June with a staycation at Equarius Hotel . Honestly , it was one of the best staycations ever because we got upgraded to the room with a huge patio ! It was so ridiculously spacious that we could actually hold an outdoor party there . We had so much fun taking a buggy around the car park as a transport around RWS , hung out with the best buddies over snacks while embracing the peace at our patio . Equarius also brought luxury to a whole new level with a TV in the bathroom ! ^^ Nothing beats a quiet 24 hours with the illusion of being on a holiday .

▲ In-room dining was the only option for the lazy us and it wasn't too bad at all . After all, it's quite impossible to eat cheap in Sentosa . The cheese tart dessert was a freaking rip off at $18 for a tiny bite-size piece . It didn't even taste good enough to justify for the price we paid . Other than that , the mains were pretty decent .

P.S// Thank you Mr. B , for constantly pampering me with every little thing possible .

Love , Sheryl