Monday, 24 June 2013

Omnia Causa Fiunt , I hope .

Had to come to a conclusion that June's been a really rough month for me . Other than the first week of June which was looking good on my side , the rest of the month was an entire series of bad luck . I'd been trying to keep my thoughts and mind clear from all the negativity that's bringing me down but it didn't seem to work . Every time I keep calm , something bad will destroy all the hard work of staying positive . 

Trust that I'm actually a very positive person , yet being positive seemed like the hardest thing now . Being put on an emotional roller coaster everyday is so tiring . I try to keep myself busy by meeting the friends and hanging out late just so I could stop thinking for awhile . I hate to re-tell the story over and over again for people to understand my plight . But then again , I actually hope people I love knew . I think I need a recorder to keep in on a replay . 

I completely lost the drive in things I love to do . 
Blog , eat and hanging out with the ones I love .

I'd always been someone who eats no matter how bad any situation can get . I never allow myself to starve and even in my saddest state , I'm always craving for more food . I get tempted so easily and can never watch someone eat without pigging out as well . This time , I saw myself losing appetite for a week . Bryan was in such a panic state when I watched him eat and showed no interest in his hot piping seafood soup . If this is not serious enough , I don't know what is .

Faith ? We'll see .

love , Sheryl