Friday, 21 June 2013

Singapore Haze PSI : 401

// If you can't already tell , its my office view of beautiful Sentosa . Yesterday , I could still see a faint glimpse of Sentosa but today , even the cable cars were lost in the haze . 

So I thought the hype on the hourly PSI was quite annoying over the social media . Not my friends or everyone else concern that's constantly updating on the PSI , I was more like annoyed at the inaccurate PSI readings each day . We could really do without the lies of the PSI really . We could tell that each day is getting worse but the only comfort we get from our government is by lowering the PSI readings to deceive us . I was not so much affected by the haze even when the reading shot up to a sky high of 190 . From 290 onwards , the haze is definitely taking a toll on everybody's health . 

With a sky high PSI at 401 , the government is still not giving orders to STOP ALL OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES . Brilliant move .

love , Sheryl

[ Edited // Singaporeans should be helping each other now , shouldn't we ? Whats with jacking up the prices of the N95 masks just to make money out of your fellow citizen's plight now ? Its everybody's safety we are talking about here and some assholes are selling the N95 masks online at exorbitant prices . Stores like Watsons/Guardians are hiking up the prices of essentials such as eye drops and medication . Just think about the poorer citizens . People like me can still afford the inflation and rip off for these items , but what about those who can't ? Does that mean they don't deserve to survive ? We are all complaining about what Indonesia did to us . Look what are we Singaporeans doing to each other now ? Bloody airheads . ]


Anonymous said...

Agree! A N95 cost $6 now, when its original price was just $1.70/$2 #uglysideofsingapore