Thursday, 20 June 2013

My lost phone , Samsung S4

On a separate note of all happy things , life has put me through the lowest point recently and now I'm still recovering from the downfall . Nobody stays happy forever , we ought to learn . 

I lost my new phone , a Samsung S4 newly bought 6 days ago . It was hard to cope with the feelings in me , because long story short - it was not just a case of a lost phone . I had been thinking so much recently , so much thoughts that it could possibly kill me . I couldn't fall asleep even when fatigue was haunting me . My life dramas should turn into a storybook . 

Through this happening , the friends that stood through my sad & frustrated times made me feel so fortunate and blessed . What did I do to deserve such good friends ? Can never imagine how I'd be without them .  I've been always lucky , some bad luck wouldn't bring me down . 

love, Sheryl