Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Tanj☀ng Pinang Getaway // 24th-25th May 2013

This kelong getaway was nothing short of amazing . My uncertainties and skeptical feelings about this trip were really uncalled for . I enjoyed myself very , very much despite the short 2D1N . Initially , I was very worried about the cleanliness of the abode we would be putting up at because I'm extremely particular about the bed + toilet hygiene . Thankfully , I made it through my shower with only one bucket of hot water . It was fun living like kings for a day or two - with million bucks in our pockets . Feasted like kings as well , the food at Ocean bay were beyond delish . I couldn't even find the right word to describe the hearty meals I had there . Looking back at the food photos now , I wish I could go back soon for another good Tze Char meal .

Time passed really slow despite the short stay at the Kelong . The girlfriend and I drama-marathoned while the guys were fishing yet we still found ourselves with so much time to laze around . We even rented bikes to explore their village and watched sunset along the way .

In other news , the supposedly "fishing" trip was a flop . The boys were really disappointed with their catch . To be honest , there wasn't even any catch to begin with . The water was clear enough for us to know there wasn't any fishes swimming by at all . We only managed to lure some greedy little fishes up for fun before releasing them again . Think the girls had more fun than the boys did , we'll definitely be back .

love , Sheryl