Monday, 10 June 2013

The BBF's Birthday // 23rd May 2013

Celebrated the BFF's birthday over dinner at our favorite place , Todamgol . They serve the best Budae jjigae in Singapore , according to me ! Haven't really had such a satisfying Korean meal ever since the return from Korea . I'm so glad we all love Korean cuisine to death so it wasn't hard to make dinner plans . Aftermath , we were seen at an attic bar for some booze and girly time together . If you think the countless trays of shots were out to kill , nobody died . My girlfees are boozing queens and the only reason why I didn't get knocked out was because I hate sour plum shots . Before calling it a night , the crazy Qi had to jump on me to hug me , causing me to lose my balance and going home with a scrapped knee . I would never ever trade these amazing girls for anything else in the world x love .

Happy 22nd babygirl , Simin ! 

love, Sheryl