Monday, 14 July 2014

#07 - 台灣 Spring 2014

    { Day 7 } One thing I love-hate about Taiwan is their train system. They have different kinds of train - the high speed rail, the MRT and the worse of the lot, the railway trains. I love travelling out of the bustling Taipei city because the outskirts have a tranquil vibe that I'm very attracted to. But the journey becomes really dreadful with the unbearable railway trains moving at the speed of 40km/hr or lesser. Not to mention, their train schedules are really hard to decipher as well. *dizzy spells*

    Despite all that, we still made a day trip to the very popular rustic village Pingxi (平溪). The village was over-populated with tourists and we were unable to stroll at our pace (which I hate). Nonetheless, we still had our kind of fun! Discovered a popular Taiwan sausage stall which had a long queue to it so guess what, Singaporeans doing their thing - JOIN THE QUEUE! I love Taiwan sausages to death so I would definitely tell you its yummy! But judging from the crazy queue, it is should be worth the 15 minutes wait! 

    P.S // Ping Xi Village 平溪 is after all quite similar to Shi Fen village 十分  (Read here), that I visited last year. 

    Mei Guan Yuan (美觀園) , located in the heart of bustling Ximending serves really fresh & cheap Japanese food. One of the rare times when we actually have proper food for dinner because nights in Taipei were always spent binging in different night markets. My Chirashi don ( think 500NT / SGD$20 ) was the most value-for-money dish I ordered that night. That bowl of goodness would easily set us back at SGD$50 in Singapore. My travel mates didn't fancy Chirashi dons so I got the entire bowl to myself! I'd definitely be back for more sea urchin rice bowls!

    love, bella