Tuesday, 1 July 2014

#06 - 台灣 Spring 2014

{DAY 6} Hired a driver to take us around for the day! Early morning was to Yehliu for a rock sighting session. Sans the cluttered tourists, the landscape was breathtaking. Coupled with a perfect breezy weather that day, how lucky were we! I'm such a nature enthusiast, being surrounded by hues of blue & green makes me really happy.

On our way to the next destination, I happened to see wings cruising above the mountains. So out of curiosity, I asked our driver about it and jumped at the chance to do paragliding in a foreign land. Beyond thankful that I had very spontaneous travel mates with me who gave in to my unpredictable character.

The entire experience was amazing! Gliding above the mountains and across the sea felt too surreal. I'm not acrophobic but having your legs hanging in the air, you would still feel that fear of falling (for me). Oh, I've a huge issue with free-falls so that might have explained the fear. I'm game for anything adventurous but free-fall rides are my taboos. Given the benefit of doubt, I tried free-fall rides and I swear I felt like dying the second I got sent high up waiting for the ride to drop. Anyway apart from the sidetrack,Huiling didn't join us because she was feeling too unwell to go through the adrenaline rush. So we had a photographer to help us with the pictures! (Thank you dear for the beautiful pictures you took for us although most of them were featuring Justin, thanks ah!) 

Off to - 1) Ying Yang Sea / 陰陽海 2) Golden Waterfall / 黄金瀑布

The Ying yang sea is a pretty interesting sight where the sea is a mix of both yellow and blue shades. But from where we stood to get a glimpse, it was really difficult to take a picture to do this unusual sea justice.

Waterfalls are the same, something I'd say only now. I used to be so excited over a trip to see the waterfalls just because 1) there is no waterfalls in SG 2) I get easily fascinated by the littlest things. If my memory didn't fail me, my first waterfall experience was during my Bali trip with the same people that were on this TW trip with me. The instructor from the white water rafting company said we'd see waterfall and I WAS SO EXCITED ABOUT IT. I really don't know what was I thinking then, but yeah...suffice to say that I'm no longer impressed with waterfalls now. People that knows me, knows that I've a weakness for nature. I love nature but waterfalls are the last thing I like about nature. It's just water flowing down lor, nothing impressive what. Golden waterfall is definitely one of the more unique ones I've seen, but still nothing much to shout about.

We ended our tour with the driver taking us to the hospital. The girlfriend had food poisoning so she needed medical attention. Everything that happened after is history. Thankfully she recovered speedy after a miraculous jab!

love, bella