Tuesday, 3 June 2014

#05 - 台灣 Spring 2014

{ Day 5 } Before I start on the day's adventure, I need to remind myself to NEVER listen to the girlfriend {adelinesays} ever. Knowing we would be up on the mountain for the day, I popped into her room early in the morning to check on her attire for that day. Knowing she has zero tolerance for cold weather, I asked her " You wearing only pullover?? " She said yeah & I thought okay, since I can do cold weathers pretty well, I'd follow suit. Really sibei geh-kiang because I regretted immediately when we reached the mountain.

 In other news, we spent a day at the National park, "bus hiking" up the mountain to the scenic spots. From the heavy mist and foggy pictures, you could have already guessed that the two stupid girls almost became ice popsicles. We only managed to visit 小油坑 & 冷水坑 but it was too misty to appreciate anything so we left after two attractions. 

We got down to mid-mountain and chanced by the annual flower festival so we went and CHERRY BLOSSOMS!!! I was like " MY FIRST CHERRY BLOSSOM EXPERIENCE OMG. SO PRETTY" But I was tiding up my pictures on my hard disk the other day and realized my first time passing by a cherry blossom tree was during my China trip last year. Which I didn't realize that I acutally took a picture with the cherry blossom tree -.-! 

It was such a beautiful sight with rows of pastel pink trees but we didn't get a decent picture with it because of the amount of people swarming around the trees. Nonetheless, it was alot of fun strolling in such a huge park and doing what tourists do, taking pictures.

Yangmingshan National Park  ( 陽明山國家公園 )
Opening Hours: Daily 08:30 AM to 4:30 PM. ( Closed on the last Monday of each month )
Directions: Take the subway (Metro Taipei) to Shilin Station Exit 1 - Take Bus 260 or Red 5 to Yang Ming Shan station.

Much hype about Taipei's weird novelty - The legendary "manhood" waffle which I finally came across after going to Shilin night market countless of times. Irony is that the boys got so excited over it and insisted on buying the waffle when I didn't want waffles! (Justin, I'm talking about you.) Thankfully he did not buy the ice popsicle which he almost did as well.

We had more fun with the prawning challenge , Taiwan style. NT$100 for 7 chopsticks with a thin string and hook and prawn away! It was soooo hard because the scumbag prawns would flinch and our hook will break. The competition got so heated up, we spent so much money trying to win each other and ate close to a 100 prawns that night.