Monday, 5 May 2014

#04 - 台灣 Spring 2014

{ Day 4 } Here's to the official start of our Taiwan holiday! The couple were only able to join us on a later date, so we literally lazed 3 days away while waiting for them. We moved into our 民宿 in Ximending where we'd be calling home for the next 4 nights. This is my first 民宿 experience and initially I had many uncertainties before arriving but surpisingly I actually loved it! I'd say its not entirely "民宿 experience" because it is quite modernly furbished, and I thought it felt more like a hostel instead. In other news, the room was spanking clean and new, the location was so convenient in the heart of bustling XMD and the rates were also frigging' cheap!

Celebratory reunion lunch was at a highly raved Mala hotpot restaurant. Think this place needs no introduction because almost , almost every Singaporean has it on their Taiwan itinerary. What exactly have I been missing out on my previous trip? I can't do spice very well but the Mala soup base was really addictive. Where do I start raving - The freshest Angus beef slices or the widespread of (Expensive) Ice-cream choices? We stuffed ourselves silly till we got all bloated and vowed to skip dinner (which didn't happen).

Address: 台北市西宁南路62号2楼 (万年大楼对面,好乐迪2楼)
No. 62, 2/F Xining Road, Ximen, Taipei City

// 五分埔(WuFenPu) → 鬍鬚張(Formosa Chang)'s 滷肉飯 → 饒河夜市(Raohe night market) 

So yeah, as usual Wufenpu isn't interesting. I left empty handed, the girlfriend too. I know nobody gives Wufenpu a miss when it comes to shopping in Taipei. I'm either bad at shopping or Taiwan's fashion just doesn't appeal. Anyhow, to give it a benefit of doubt I had to include into the itinerary for the girlfriend to see it for herself since its her first trip to Taiwan. & I'm proven right when she walked out spending only NT60 for a cuppa bubble tea.

Ok, to what interest me instead - FOOD. Been missing Formosa Chang's Lu rou fan for the longest time but I don't think I like it anymore. Decent, but no longer fantastic. What never fails is Sashimi thou, I don't think I'll ever find myself say I dislike Sashimi. Whenever I travel, I always hunt down Sashimi shops because it is usually cheaper, fresher and bigger portioned overseas. Imagine my joy when I found my favourite Herring Fish sashimi which is rarely found in Singapore. & Sea urchin which is so crazy expensive in Singapore, I wished I could pack more into my tummy. Taiwan night markets have such awesome hidden gems! 

love, bella