Tuesday, 19 August 2014

#08 - 台灣 Spring 2014

Finally to the last installment of the Taiwan trip!

Decided to pop by the cheesecake shop that Justin & Huiling happened to chance by the day before. They raved about it so I thought I should go check it out. 

I completely fell for the glass house concept - bakery or cafe you decide. Walking into a cosy interior with the strong aroma of cheesecake lingering was perfect for anyone seeking a quiet afternoon. They do no fancy menus but with only cheesecakes and gelatos on the rack. I knew I was in for a treat because I love my cheesecakes baked! Their bite sized cheesecakes were baked to perfection - very yummy! Blogging can be such a pain sometimes, it got me craving and missing Taiwan so much now sigh. 

 It's no wonder why the girlfriend prefer the days in Taichung than Taipei. Unlike Taipei, Taichung's streets are not cluttered with shops everywhere and littered with food stalls at every possible corner. They have a huge area space and every shop is unique in their way. There is definitely so much more to offer in Taichung then just the famous Feng Chia night market, I'd be back xx!

光之乳酪 (Light Bakery) | 地址: 台中市台中港路一段257號之3(勤美誠品綠園道旁)

love, bella


Anonymous said...

Hi Bella, I really like your Travelogue! Mind to share what camera model are you using? the colours are so vibrant! Thank you :D

Sheryl Bella said...

Hello! Thank you for your kind words. I'm using Canon Powershot S100. very compact and does really nice pictures. But they have updated versions of it now so you would only see S120 on the racks currently.