Friday, 22 August 2014

☀ Phuket 2014 | U Zenmaya

For people that do not fancy overcrowding beaches, visiting Phuket would seem like a contradicting decision to make. I changed my mind the minute I chance upon this resort on the internet. Everything seemed too good to be true - the location, the tranquility, the affordable price etc. I was too obsessed just by looking at the pictures so I went ahead and booked the room on impulse, without an air ticket. I'm always gung-ho like that haha!

Perched on a crag overlooking Andaman sea, it is really hard not to fall head over heels. 

After a 40 minutes journey from the airport, we finally reached the resort! Our rooms were really spacious, with an oversized jacuzzi bathtub. But what left us in awe was stepping out to our balcony with an infinity pool access and a backdrop of endless blue. Thankfully, our friends jump on the bandwagon and joined us for the getaway so we had the entire infinity pool to ourselves without having to share with strangers! This is definitely our kind of affordable luxury.

Also, our room package had a 2 hour Spa session/person/day included! With a wide range of spa packages to choose from, I was completely sold. If anyone is interested to know, I'd say go to for the Suntan massage which I picked for two consecutive sessions. They use coconut oil for the massage and leaves a yummy coconut scent on my skin. Really rejuvenating after a long day out and under the sun! 

One downside to this 5 months old resort is that they are pretty short-handed. They have a serious shortage of masseurs and a poor schedule management so the 6 of us had to go for our spa sessions separately despite emailing them earlier to book the slots. Time consuming in a way but we get to bum in our pool while waiting for each other so I'm not complaining!

love, bella