Wednesday, 27 August 2014

☀ Phuket 2014 | Bangla Street

One of the reasons why I never considered Phuket whenever I plan my holidays is because of the lousy impression I have on that overrated island. Most of the time, I read on the internet that Phuket is full of scams and that Patong beach is the platform for the locals to rip the tourists off. It didn't sound like the ideal getaway for me so I thought I'd never be the one to initiate a Phuket trip ever. Which I did apparently, you'll know why.

While I was doing the itinerary on Phuket, I was fed with more negative information that got me slightly intimidated by this whole trip I was planning. Motorbike/Jetski rental scam, Mini van (airport transfer) scam, ladyboy phototaking scams and  of course the very infamous tuktuk/taxis rip off. They also have very creative ways to earn your money, one way or another. I honestly couldn't vision myself going through such a stressful holiday, when holidays are supposed to be relaxing. 

Personal experience | We didn't arrange any airport transfer so we had to look for a transport to our hotel. I'd read online that the taxi stands there are also a cheat but for the benefit of doubt, we went to ask anyway. When you exit, You'd see a huge signboard which shows "TAXI METER", BUT charges you at a flat rate of 800 baht onwards anyway. Taxi meter does not go by the meter after all. 

Here it is - Phuket's famous bustling night life, Bangla Street. We took a quick stroll while looking for dinner and it is suffice to say that there is nothing much other than the busy tourist traffic. The moment you get off the tuktuk, the locals will start pushing menus in your face repeating,"Tiger show. you want tiger show?" I do not get so easily annoyed when I travel, so I brushed off the constant bugging and kept on walking hoping to see more. But no, it was just tiger bars after tiger bars. Once in awhile we would also see rip off seafood restaurants, it was seriously a chore to even find decent thai food for dinner. It may seem too quick to decide, but I'm sure I was right about disliking Phuket. 

Took countless wrong turns before finding our way to Number 6 Red chair seafood, highly recommended by Lingy and Justin. It was good, in fact the best Thai meal I had in Phuket but nothing out of the world. You can easily find any street stalls in Bangkok much better than this. But holidays with the right people are not just about food at all, I totally dig the nights sharing tomyum soup with friends and arguing over which dish is the best.

I had the best banana prata in Bangkok, so I thought Phuket being the same country would not let me down. Verdict - I still prefer my greasy roti prata cooked in a puddle of oil and butter, overloaded with condense milk, chocolate sauce and banana. Phuket does crepes and I don't fancy crepes.

Too much negativity in this post and that is why I'd been procrastinating. I honestly do not enjoy putting anything down because I always believe that there is a beauty in everything. I haven't found the beauty of this place yet, but I will most probably go back to see more and hopefully change my impression by then.

 love, bella