Friday, 29 August 2014

My experience with Airasia

Apparently I was trying to do a web-check in for my Phuket flight on 09 August, since Airasia emailed me to let me know that I was able to. So I thought, why not? Sounds fuss-free and I didn't have to queue up again when we reach the airports! But No, I was completely WRONG.

I was struggling with the web check-in the night before and when I was finally done with one-way, I checked the given "boarding passes". I realized that Bryan and I were seated separately. Airasia, when I booked us together, I expect us to be seated together.

Fine, so when I was web-checking in on my return flight, I was more careful and got to the seat selection page. Of course, I wanted to select my seats this time. But No, you gotta pay to select your seats. I was quite bummed but really couldn't be bothered to call Airasia up to ask, so I paid for seats on the return flight since it was a mere $3/person. It wasn't so much of a big deal.

 Okay, so back to the flight that I didn't manage to select seat, I wanted to amend my web check-in to pay the extra money to SIT TOGETHER. I couldn't after repeated tries and I had to call up their hotline to change.


For insignificant flights ie. Phuket - You cannot make ANY enquires even if you call. They will ask you to log on to to have a livechat with their customer service officer. 

HELLO, YOU THINK I SO FREE AH? IF YOUR WEBSITE IS SO CONVENIENT, YOU THINK I WANT TO CALL YOU? It was a surprise birthday trip for B and I had to just get things done, frustrated or not.

So I had to log on. This was how it went : 

The first thing after getting greeted by their staff is to remind you to keep your questions reasonably brief. Which means you took pains to log on, wait for your queue number and if you have an essay awaiting for them to read, you won't be entertained. So fine, I kept mine VERY BRIEF. 

As I mentioned many times - Airasia, How dare you separate us on our flights and expect me to pay to sit together. I booked us together, you put us together stupid.

I decided to be nice so I said - (Read above red box) I booked my flights together, I expect to sit together but I did my web check-in yesterday and found that I was seated separately with my partner. Brief enough right?

You know what was the response given? 
 Do not expect ya :)

I was expecting to pay for it already but I was definitely not expecting this irresponsible response from an airline CSO. I know I'm paying peanuts so I shouldn't be expecting much out of a budget arline. But I wasn't being too fussy either right? Neither did I insist on not paying for the seat assignment. There wasn't any reason for a professional to respond in such an unprofessional manner?

Also Airasia, If you've a wonderful online help system, I wouldn't have resorted to going through so much hassle. Go do something about your stupid website thank you.

(not so much)love,
Angry passenger, Bella