Tuesday, 2 September 2014

☀ Phuket 2014 | Day Two

We wake up to amazing breakfast spreads everyday. I really enjoy the slow paced mornings while looking out to the serenity view. We'd bum around after breakfast, before heading down to the Spa for our daily massage fix. How i really miss those short-lived luxurious days in Phuket~

While waiting for the rest to be done with their massage, I decided to order room service. Best Mango sticky rice, hands down. Everybody snubbed my overpriced dessert because I paid about SGD$12 for that portion but I was really paying for the freshest ingredients,no? Because we were given complimentary fruits during Check-in previously, we also cut the "free" mango to double up the portion. There was a stark difference in their mangos, the "free" mango was extremely sour and the expensive mango I paid for was so sweet and refreshing. But anyway, despite all that nobody was convinced that my mango sticky rice was worth the money I paid. Bummer friends I've got yes, but they all shared my mango sticky rice anyway damn it.  

Headed down to Patong for our late lunch at Number 6. Other than the fact that the dishes were slightly salty, I actually liked it. But my friends, didn't. So it really depends on individual, even when this restaurant had so many raves on the internet. Food reviews are only meant to be taken note of, not taken seriously. I guess one of the reasons why they're popular is because of the prices. Everything at Phuket is a rip off but this was easily our cheapest meal there.  >SGD$10/ person for so much that we ate.

We went for the Simon Cabaret show in the evening. I'm really embarrassed to say that these transvestites easily have a better body proportion and figure than any girl out there. The show was quite boring with all the lip syncing and parading in fancy dresses. But I really gotta give it to them for the effort in props/outfits/creativity, full marks definitely.

I really miss those nights hanging out in our pool after a long day. We'd spend late nights chilling and freezing in the pool despite how cold it was. We call it a pool party but it's actually not what you think it is. It was more like a feasting party by the pool. On some night, Lingy had one too many Moscatos. Everyone only had a glass each while she had all the refills to herself. No prizes for guessing what happened after that, till then. x

Love, bella