Monday, 8 September 2014

☀ Phuket 2014 | Day Three

Woke up freakin' early for our Island hopping tour. Thankfully we made it in time for breakfast and waited for the transport to pick us up at 0745. We paid more for the speed boat as our mode of transport and it was the best decision made ever! We were also really lucky to be assigned to a spanking new speed boat, so yay to the awesome engine power! 

Coral Island | It quite a normal beach. The waters were definitely clearer than what we have in Singapore, but also very salty as well. Trust that it was the clique that made this trip so enjoyable because just sitting around and building sandcastles were fun. In other news, the food on that island were very overpriced. Everything were sold at (minimum)100 baht. Also the infamous culture of having to "rent" beach chairs at 100 baht each. So I mentioned about them being very witty in cheating our money, done right.

Snorkelling | Bucket list ✓! Surprisingly, I actually had the guts to jump into the open sea without hesitation. Before we snorkelled, the friends buckled me up in a life jacket and tried to take me further out to the sea at Coral island. It was to prepare me for the snorkelling session but I panicked whenever my toes couldn't touch the ground. They kinda gave up on me after awhile because I was either pulling their hair or pushing their heads into the water(I'm sorry guys haha). So I thought I could forget about snorkelling despite very much wanting to try it.

But when we reached, everyone just went ahead and jumped right in. They actually forgot that I was afraid and left me behind. So I didn't seem to have any alternative but to take that plunge too. Surprisingly, l did not panic at all except that I couldn't maneuver very well in the water so I had to hold onto somebody while moving around to see the fishes.

Raya Island | This island was nothing short of amazing! It was as if we walked right into a postcard, into that stunning blue gradients of sparkling clear sea. The sun was at it's prime, 2pm when we arrived. Despite the scorching weather which I loathe, Lingy and I just ran straight for the to chase waves haha. Cass couldn't join us in all that fun because she's getting hitched next month so it was definitely not a good idea for her. Lingy felt like a big sister (for the first time), she held my hand and we ran against waves. I was not afraid of drowning because she was there, to hold onto me and basically let me drown her instead. I've not been to the very famous Phi Phi island so I can't really judge, but given the fact that Raya Island is quieter and not massively littered with tourists on the beach, It is Raya over Phi Phi anytime. 

After being out and under the sun for an entire day, it was nice to have our schedules tightly packed with spa sessions immediately once we reached our resort. The coconut oil massage was perfect to soothe the sunburns and body aches. I really,really like the coconut smell left lingering after my massage. If not for the oily aftermath, I would have refused to bathe so I could keep the smell a little longer.

Back to Patong area / Bangla Street for some last minute shopping & dinner. I remember how good our last dinner was, back at the same place. I had an entire table of my favorite Thai dishes, but I didn't enjoy it much. I was down with sore throat the first day I reached Phuket. Being under the sun and clothed in a Bikini most of the time, I caught a flu and ran a fever on my last night there. Never never fall sick when you travel, it is really miserable.

There's just something else I need to write about Phuket. So till another post, before I conclude this trip.

love, bella