Friday, 8 August 2014

∞ 365 days to saying "I DO"

☑ Decide On Wedding Date
☑ Set Wedding Budget
☑ Confirm Solemnization Venue
☑ Confirm Wedding Banquet Venue
☑ Confirm Photographer / Videographer

What I've done so far - which I thought was sufficient until now that we're less than a year to the big day, I'm officially running out of time! Weddings can be really stressful when it comes to time management because most of the wedding traditions are to be done nearing the wedding day. So no matter how much time you dedicate to plan for your wedding, you'd be left flustered at the very last minute. Which is why after confirming our wedding venue earlier this year, we did nothing till now. Which is also why I'm starting to panic now. It is not about being a bridezilla, it is about not having sufficient time to watch my dramas. #weddingprepwoes

 love, bella