Tuesday, 16 September 2014

#02 (Guide) to Jeju Island 제주도

Itinerary - Day 1 (East Jeju)

#01 What to eat in Jeju Island: Raw fish restaurant

We honestly felt very intimidated by the empty restaurant initially. Took a glance at the menu and found that most prices were very competitive because they sell mainly fresh Sashimi. ₩60,000-70,000 for their Sashimi sets were not cheap at all. We only ordered the raw fish rice set & fish soup but surprisingly found a wide spread of food served to the table. Their portions were very generous and the entire meal only costed us only ₩20,000. Also extra brownie points for the dining ambience, which boast a vast ocean view through the floor to ceiling windows.

Haejin Hoetjip (raw fish restaurant) (해진횟집)
22, Seobudu-gil, Jeju-si, Jeju-do (Geonip-dong)
제주특별자치도 제주시 서부두길 22 (건입동)
Tel: 064-722-4584

The Mermaid of Jeju - Haenyeo해녀
After lunch,  we took a stroll towards the lighthouses. Some really good luck to chance by the legendary Haenyeos at work, by the seashore. It has been known that this job is close to extinction soon, with fewer people willing to take the hardship. So when I spotted some coming back with their seaweed catch, I was extremely ecstatic! They really deserve an award for being able to dive down cold waters at their age just to earn a living.

Manjanggul Lava Tube
After a long 45 minutes drive, we made it in time to visit the lava tube before it closes for the day. Interesting experience for I'd never known what a lava tube was until I was doing my itinerary. I love exploring new so this was definitely another strike off the travel bucket-list. The tunnel opened for tourist is 1km long one way, so it might get boring after walking for sometime. 

Tip | Bring a jacket if you can't withstand cold chills. It was June summer when I went but it felt like 15-20degrees when we were in the tunnel. Also, wear proper shoes as it is very slippery and dark inside.

Entrance fees: Adult (₩2,000) Youth (₩1,000)

Accommodation - East Jeju
Checked in Jeju Lux Hotel, where we'd be crashing for a night. I don't get why this hotel is rated only 2 stars but I'm guessing this might be a relatively new hotel? Spacious, clean, modernly furbished, awesome location and most importantly for every budget traveller's concern, cheap. 

Definitely deserves the special mention on the fantastic location. Most travellers visit East Jeju only with the intention to visit Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak and for some, they might also head to Udo Island. Jeju Lux Hotel is conveniently just 5-10 minutes drive away from these attractions! My idea was to wake up early to cover both places in a day so convenience was really an important factor. Also, there's a very popular Black pork BBQ restaurant around the corner, so what's there not to love about this abode? We paid SGD$60/night and it was definitely worth every penny for the comfort night stay.

#02 What to eat in Jeju Island: Black Pork BBQ (Heuk Dwaeji)

In Jeju Island, you must try their local speciality- black pork. It is no secret that these native piggys are raved to be better tasting than normal pigs, why so?

"Back in the olden days, pig pens were built right below the bathroom. 
It is said that the Jeju pigs, which grew up eating human waste, grew black hair as a result of their special diet."

Thankfully, black pigs are no longer raised & fed this way. Anyway, I digressed! Just 5-8minutes drive from our hotel, this restaurant serves really fantastic black pork. You know this place is popular when most restaurants you visit in Jeju are empty but Bokjassi has a queue to it. Nothing fancy like a typical restaurant with a huge variety on the menu, they only have 2 choices pasted on their wall.

Normal Pork 600g - ₩36,000 | Black pork 600g - ₩48,000

Black pork is definitely pricier but very worth it for the succulent and juicy meat served. I'm not good that describing food but one thing for sure, there is a stark difference to taste of a normal pork. Normal pork BBQs are never satisfying anymore. We struggled to finish the 600g of meat, so I'm guessing this set can comfortably feed 3 pax. We stuffed ourselves silly because it was so good that it'll be a waste if we didn't finish it. Walked out with bursting calories intake but belly happy!

Bokjassi (Jeju Black Pork) 복자씨연탄구이
Telephone: 064-782-7330
서귀포시 성산읍 오조리 367-1

love, bella