Thursday, 18 September 2014

☀ Impression on Phuket VS what Phuket is really like

So like I said, I needed to rant.

Q:Impression on Phuket?

Bad. Before my trip, I could only rely on what I see on the internet. Nothing got my interest, the beaches were nothing fancy, almost anything touristy is a rip-off and the the variety of scams tourists have to be wary of on their holiday. Does it sound like a truly relaxing holiday? No.

After my trip, I think the (already bad) impression worsen. I realized that the Thais in Phuket were outrageously RUDE and I have absolutely zero tolerance for rude people. I've been to Bangkok a couple of times to know that Thais are generally nice people. Definitely, there's also no lack of scam tactics in Bangkok but because most of the time they need business from you, they appear very warm and friendly. However In Phuket, you meet a total different bunch of Thais. They are rude, pushy and most of the time they do not even care if you are giving them business. Why do they act like that, you may wonder. The only reason is because they are making alot more money than you think. Before I digress further, here's what we experienced.

So this is what happened: We were hanging around our boarding gates and since it was still very early for our flight, we decided to grab coffee. We settled for the nearest coffee house, COFFEE WORLD. I was in line with Bryan first while my friends queued behind me.

Note: Their coffee come in sizes Small,medium,large but in a confusing fancier name which I can't recall. (Y'know like Starbucks Tall,grande,venti).

 I ordered a cuppa Iced latte BIG. Obviously, I made it easier to understand so I said big. The counter girl got what I meant but she didn't seem very pleased to be serving. I brush off bad service staff most of the time because we meet these people very often in our lives. It didn't irk me that she was pulling such a long face because all I wanted was my coffee, not to see her smile anyway. Then it was Cassandra's turn to order her cuppa. She said, Iced macchiato LARGE. I didn't really witness what happened next but I was told that the counter girl didn't understand after repeatedly telling her LARGE. I don't blame that she didn't understand us but what she did next crossed our limits. She rudely accepted Cassandra's money, took the change and threw it ON THE FLOOR, ON THE FLOOR IN HER COUNTER.

Bitch, you took things too far.

WTF MAN. Why so worked up that you couldn't understand. How about blame on the fact you have fucking poor English to even understand the simple word LARGE. Also, what pissed us outright was that she could have easily asked her colleagues for help if she didn't understand or just point at the cups la. WHAT IS SO DIFFICULT? My friends obviously didn't let things go and demanded for the change back which she refused to pick it up despite telling her to many times. She eventually did, and threw it on the counter table. She then got her colleague to serve us and STOOD BESIDE HER TO BITCH ABOUT US IN OUR FACE.

We really lost it. We came up with ideas to get back at them, which include buying more coffee and toppling it over their counter table. But we didn't in the end. We didn't want to stoop to their level and be as rude as them.

What an awesome experience to end our perfect holiday. Thank you Phuket for your hospitality, and sure I'd like to visit again because there's so much more I haven't seen but I'd definitely keep my manners at home and show you what rude really is.

love, bella